The joining of two families, two individuals in a binding contract of ‘together till death do us apart’ is in itself a timeless event. From the time marriage and weddings were first conceptualized, to this day it remains a precious moment. Bridges built across races, tribes and tongues in a union of love and commitment. Such an occasion deserves to be cherished forever. Looking back on the special day should be pleasing to the eyes, ten, thirty even fifty years later. Now that you have chosen well for your partner, let us help you make some timeless choices that will transcend time and trend.


Everyone has a ‘ground’ to start work on. The way you will build, will depend on it. Draw from your own traditions and values for your special day. This is a very personal space to start with, and it’s uniquely yours. Something as personal as this, will always remain relevant and in style in the years to come.


The theme that you will select should speak to you today and whisper to you tomorrow. (Following the latest trend of today can be exciting, but looking back one might cringe.) Timeless Romantic vibes is one option that you can work with. A fairy tale approach of soft ruffles, tulle, flowers and curls. Not only do they create a dream like vision, but they fit into any given time frame. Day or evening, today or tomorrow, you will not regret.

Colour palette

Soft hews of egg shell, whites and pinks never go out of style. It’s no bold option, but it’s charming in its simple ways. The dress, bridesmaids, best man, groom and the overall colour theme should blend in well without overpowering the bride. These shades look good on almost everyone. What’s not to love?


A choice of wooden furniture, white linen, and plenty of floral arrangements will do. Roses in white and soft pink, peonies in pale shades or lilies. Flowers are a timeless commodity and a must for every wedding. The fragrance itself adds to the beauty of the setting. Gold and glass can be incorporated to give it just the right amount of a ‘royal touch’. Centre pieces can be simple with a bunch of flowers, or can be tall stately. Well balance deco means it will be easy on the eyes.


The cake takes centre stage right after the couple. A classic white cake with three tiers is our personal favourite. You may wish to go for a taller option or a smaller one, which would either draw a lot of attention or won’t keep it for long. White, gold, pearl designs, petals, ruffles and splashes of pastels give you plenty of options to choose from. Most go for a classic vanilla sponge, but we say go for chocolate. Rich chocolate cake covered in white Icing. It will be the surprise. Just like your love story, your cake will be picture perfect and full of exciting surprises.