Finally it’s your turn to tie the knot. You’ve met the man of your dreams, passed the in-law bonding session and planned your wedding day. Now it’s about you, finally. Time to shop for the perfect dress and shoes. When it comes to shoes, it’s important that you will be happy and comfortable in them for the whole wedding day. Let’s explore some options and tricks to make it as pleasant as possible.

Beach wedding flats

If you have decided to tie the knot with the waves crashing nearby or with sand between your toes, then heels are out of the question. It would be impractical to wear stilettoes and dig your way through the sand looking ever so clumsy. Opt for a lovely pair for flat sandals, diamante in silver to match your wedding dress or gold to blend in with the sand. Choose something flattering that will look good with your dress. If you are concerned about being vertically challenged, have a pair of heels you can switch into for photos later.

Dancing number

Peep toes are a classic way to show off your pedicure without compromising on comfort. A great option that can give you the right amount of grip around your feet, yet allowing you room to feel stylish and feminine. Make a wise choice when it comes to the heel height. Although you may manage to last longer in a plat-form version, it is important you break into your shoes well ahead of time. You could add heel guards and foot cushions to make it more comfortable and dance the night away.

Strappy and high

Extremely high heels and supper thin straps look very beautiful, but be warned they are the most painful. If you have no intention of dancing till you drop, go ahead, or have a pair of flats to switch into when your feet hurt.  Another option would be to take regular breaks off your feet. Making the most of your lovely shoe is what every bride wants. Look to ease the straps by stretching them out a bit. This will definitely help and keep your feet from nasty cuts.

Sneaker for the comfort seeker

Some value comfort over style, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a lack of style in wearing funky sneakers. Lots of dances and sports fanatics’ get married in sneakers. You can choose to bring it up or keep it down right simple. Regardless of what kind you wish to dash away in, you will be looking chic and comfortable.